‘Basement Bob’ furry role narrowed down to 5 finalists

‘Basement Bob’ furry role narrowed down to 5 finalists

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - After a vigorous search, filmmakers in Beaufort have narrowed down their casting list to five candidates for the leading furry role in a new movie.

"Basement Bob" is in its early stages, but is already leaving its bark on the Lowcountry.

More than 200 four-legged friends tried out for the role of Bob's unusual friend in the comedy about a man living in his ex-wife's basement.

Wednesday night, directors and producers revealed the five final dogs in the running for the role. One of the directors on the project explained why they got the community involved

"The whole spirit of this project has been a community project and we realize that people here love films and they love filmmaking and with the support of the Beaufort film society who runs the International Beaufort Film Festival, we realized that we wanted to create opportunities for people to be supportive of the project here," said Uyen Le, producer for Basement Bob.

They are still casting for lead roles in the film and polishing the screenplay. Once they directors have secured that, they expect to start filming this fall.

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