Cameras installed in Ridgeland to increase feeling of security

Cameras installed in Ridgeland to increase feeling of security

RIDGELAND, SC (WTOC) - Earlier this year we told you how law enforcement and Ridgeland officials were planning to make the town safer.

That plan included the installation of surveillance cameras. Well, those cameras have been delivered and a few are already up around town.

There will be 15 cameras installed around town, including Main Street, Adams Street and Jacob Smart Boulevard in front of the Outpost, where the store owners were robbed at gunpoint just a few years ago.

"My wife was robbed and shot here about eight years ago," said James Miles.

Miles and his wife opened the Outpost in Ridgeland 22 years ago, but within the last 10 he's seen an uptick in crime

"She survived and she's doing better, but we had two young men come in and she was here by herself and they came in and robbed her and shot her," said Miles.

Those kinds of incidents are why the Ridgeland Police Department has been working to literally keep an eye on the town. The department purchased the cameras a year ago using money from a drug fund. They're being put in high traffic areas, like Main Street near D&R Autos and across from the Siesta Motel on Jacob Smart Blvd.

"It gives me a security feeling, especially when I'm not here after hours my building is protected and  if something happens at least we'll have some footage if someone comes and breaks a window out," said Miles.

After his wife was shot, the community helped the outpost purchase security equipment, but Miles says the new addition of the town's cameras is an extra level of protection.

"I think when they realize the town has these cameras in place that it's not as easy to break into all the local businesses and have troubles like that so hopefully, I think it will really help. I really do," said Miles.

The goal is to have all 15 cameras up and running within the next two weeks.

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