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Fight over planned package store in the Victorian District

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One Victorian District property owner is hoping to open a convenience store with the license to sell beer and wine.

But, some locals have been fighting for years to not have another package store in the area.

“It was denied before, why is it coming back to us.”

“And it's just not something that's going to help us attack more families to the Victorian District.”

“We need something that brings the community together, not services people driving down the street that doesn't live in that community.”

Many made their voices heard at Thursday’s Zoning Board meeting.

“I don't think we need another convenience store, nor do we need a store that sells beer and alcohol.”

The property owner for this location and community members met with the Savannah Zoning Board of Appeals to plead their case. The Patels have been waiting to get a business up and running for a while now.

“We tried opening a package store, because it's zoned for a package store, about five years ago, but we withdrew the application,” said Patel.

Since then, the property owner says he's been in contact with the community so they could be aware of what his plans area.

“I met with the Victorian District president, and everyone. Six months ago I told them what I was going to do here. I told it would be open 8 a.m. until 10,” said Patel.

Property owners say $1.2 million have been poured into the structure to make it more presentable, however, it's still not enough to change the minds of community members. And it's also not enough to the Zoning Board, the petition to sell beer and wine has now been denied.

“Do you all feel comfortable with what happened here today,” asked WTOC.

“For the time being, but we're waiting for the next shoe to drop.”

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