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Candidate contesting results of the Liberty County Sheriff race

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Accusations of voter intimidation and voter irregularities during the Liberty County sheriff's race are now being heard in a courtroom.

Will Bowman, who came in second place in the Democratic Primary for Sheriff, is contesting the results of the May primary election saying there was fraud, illegal votes, intimidation and voting irregularities.

In one case, the defense claims after the Board of Elections received a voter's absentee ballot and sent the voter a letter acknowledging it had been received, that voter was allowed to vote in person after signing a cancellation form.

“That vote he cast at the polls in our position was improper. It potentially could have changed his vote,” said Samuel Oliver, attorney for Bowman.

“If you, in fact, cancelled the wrong vote and there is no way to tell who he voted for when he voted for first. His vote cast at the polls helps call the election. You are cancelling the proper ballot, compounds the issue,” said Judge Gary McCorvey.

In spite of that opinion, Attorney Jay Osteen, who represents the sheriff, remains confident.

“The evidence will show that the sheriff beat will Bowman by 744 votes. He beat the rest of the candidates by more than 2,000 votes. The evidence will show that the will of the Liberty County voters was loud and clear they want Steven Sykes as their sheriff,” said Osteen.

Attorney Osteen also told the court that all of the allegations will be found to be untrue. We'll have to wait and see after the judge makes his decision, possibly as early as Friday.   

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