Crime stats presented by Metro police at Chatham Co. Commission meeting

Crime stats presented by Metro police at Chatham Co. Commission meeting

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Violent crime is up in the city of Savannah by 33 percent.

Savannah-Chatham Metro Police presented the numbers to Chatham County Commissioners Friday and they definitely voiced their concerns.

The city is at 36 homicides, which is up from last year, and a majority of this can be found in the Central Precinct.

Lots of numbers and statistics were shown Friday on the different crimes around the city and they're all compared to last year.  One good thing, though, property crimes are down.

Several commissioners voiced their concerns with the stats, and while police couldn't go into details about the case, they were especially concerned about abandoned homes after a young girl was raped earlier this week.

"Under no circumstances should we be allowing the delay of trying to board up someone's property who's left it or abandoned it because we can't reach them. Because people are being dragged into those situations in those homes that are not boarded up or locked up or something and they're creating crimes against our citizens," said District 6 Commissioner Lori Brady.

Officers are assigned to different homes to tag them if they are abandoned. But the issue comes in with paperwork and having to contact the owner of the home when it's privately owned. A lot of times it takes a while to locate them to hold them responsible.

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