CEMA holds hurricane training for first responders

CEMA holds hurricane training for first responders.

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The way we prepare for a hurricane or major storm is constantly evolving.

Many of our local first responders and emergency management workers had the opportunity to get together Friday in Garden City and take a class on hurricane preparedness. This class was all about staying ahead of the storm, and that also involves staying on top of all of the latest information and tools available.

The point is to make sure all emergency managers and first responders have a complete understanding of the latest hurricane science, forecasting, and preparedness.

"Don't just look at the graphic, don't just look at a cone, and don't just look at a skinny black line. You actually have to read what the forecasters are saying," said National Disaster Preparedness Training Center instructor, Dave Bujak. "Every hurricane season, you have to be prepared. It only takes one storm to ruin your day, so even if it's not a named storm, a numbered storm, you have to keep an eye on the tropics at all times."

The group met at the Georgia Ports Authority to go over a number of scenarios and talk about why and what would be the right call to make in each situation. They also learned about the new products the National Hurricane Center puts out each year to help them make the tough decisions that arise when it comes to storm preparation and safety.

Dr. Don Drost, an instructor with the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center explained, "We are better than ever before at the National Hurricane Center in forecasting and so when the authorities tell you to get out, get out."

Screven County EMA Director Gary Pinard added, "Predictions have gotten more accurate, so the information that we get to make those decisions has improved a great deal."

Of course, training doesn't stop when the classes stop. All of these groups work year round to make sure they are as prepared as possible.

However, classes like this offer the opportunity to get everyone together so all entities can make sure they are on the same page.

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