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Metro police working to keep guns out of criminals' hands

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Stolen guns are a problem all across the nation, and they’re certainly a problem in the Coastal Empire.

Savannah-Chatham Metro Police said Friday morning more than 500 guns have been stolen from cars, homes and stores just this year.

They've also taken more than 650 guns out of the hands of criminals in that same time period. The issue lies in the right to protect yourself versus making sure violent criminals don't get your gun.

They have two messages for gun owners: lock up your guns and always write down your serial numbers.

Nationwide there are 300 million guns compared to 317 million people. That creates a pretty alarming ratio of guns to people. Police stress their focus doesn't lie in those numbers, though. Instead, they just want to get guns from the people committing crimes.

They don't want gun rights restricted at all. They just want gun owners being smart about how they secure those guns when they aren't using them.

Thunderbolt Guns is one of several stores in Savannah selling guns. The manager said they sell safes of all shapes and sizes.

Locking up your gun and writing down serial numbers are the two most important things to do.

“That's the most important part. We sell safes here that can be bolted to the concrete foundation that way nobody can move it. You've got to write your serial number down. Take pictures of the gun. Most insurance companies want receipts or pictures or something of that nature,” said Thunderbolt Guns Manager Luther Loughridge.

Further, Metro said: "The SCMPD does not strive to get more and more guns off the street. Our efforts are focused on getting guns out of the hands of juveniles, convicted felons and those who use stolen illegal guns to commit crimes. Public safety is a shared responsibility."

Gun safes range in price from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. When it comes to the lives they potentially protect, though, gun stores said there is no better investment.

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