Food trucks rolling in to Savannah by the end of September

Food trucks rolling in to Savannah by the end of September

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Food truck vendors are counting down the days until they'll be out on the streets of Savannah.

The city recently approved the regular use of food trucks in the downtown area, but they're not out there just yet. City officials are just making sure everything is in place to get it started, and they hope to have the trucks out next month.

"I know with a food truck I can go to the money instead of the money coming to me," said Gary Gordon, owner of 520 Wings in Savannah.

He bought a food truck about a year ago.

"I just knew it was a way I could increase my revenue," said Gordon.

Now he's very excited to expand his food truck business with city council recently approving food trucks for regular use in the city.

"I would love to tap into that late night market being downtown," said Gordon.

But he still has some questions.

"I guess some of the main concerns and questions are just where exactly in the city will the trucks be permitted to set up at," Gordon said.

Shane Corbin is the city zoning administrator. He says they are now working out the final logistical details.

"They're approved in pretty much all zoning districts except for residential.  Now, when you get into institutional districts, they're only allowed on a temporary basis which means they can be there 14 times within a six month period."

Corbin says you should start seeing the food trucks out on the streets by the end of September, and it should be a good turnout.

"There are between 10 and 14 food trucks locally and another 10 within the regional that are known to travel into Savannah for special events," Corbin said.

Gordon can't wait. He says he's already hired more staff to really get his food truck rolling.

"Customers are pretty excited. Everybody's keeping their ear open to the food truck thing. It's a real big buzz and they're excited just like I'm excited," said Gordon.

Corbin says they are having a meeting September 14 at 6 p.m. at the Civic Center. City officials will be on hand to answer any questions vendors have. They will also talk about the application process and what it takes to get approved.

He says they will start accepting applications September 16.

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