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Carjackings in Atlanta: Residents react to recent uptick


At least three carjackings happened across Atlanta this weekend. 

As a result, one man is now dead and a 70-year old man is fighting for his life after somebody shot them during different incidents.
The carjackings seem to be happening without specific targets, with thieves trying to steal everything from a Toyota Camry to a Cadillac.

The crime scenes are just as diverse: Happening in low-income, southeast Atlanta neighborhoods and a Camp Creek subdivision where houses are selling for up to $300,000. 

Atlanta Police keep crimes stats on everything from aggravated assault to auto theft but say they don't have a classification for carjacking. 
AAA Insurance does keep tabs on carjackings and says there's more them happening, especially at gas stations. 

“A person goes over to fill their car up and when they leaves their vehicle open someone comes over on that side,” said Garrett Townsend, a AAA Insurance spokesperson. 

Another carjacking method AAA is seeing more of nowadays is called “squat and scoop”. It’s when someone bumps your car from behind or stops in front of you abruptly. When get out to see the damage and exchange information, that’s when the bad guys strike. 

AAA Insurance, however, says there are ways to protect yourself like staying in your car, driving to a well-lit area and calling 911. 

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