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Civil lawsuit moving forward against USA Gymnastics

William McCabe. William McCabe.

A state court judge in Effingham County is moving forward with a civil lawsuit against USA Gymnastics. The governing body overseeing all Olympic class gymnastics training in the country.

A young victim who was sexually abused at the hands of USAG sanctioned coach, William McCabe at Savannah Metro Gym is behind the lawsuit. She claims USA Gymnastics knew years in advance that McCabe was dangerous and ignored other coach's warnings about him.

In court Monday, Judge Ronald Thompson ordered dozens of depositions and documents to be unsealed and made public in the case, after personal information has been removed. But the attorney representing the IndyStar that's been investigating USAG reminded the judge that the organization never believed it was their responsibility to report sex assault allegations to police.

"That is an unbelievably reckless position that the public absolutely must be informed about.  And that position overwhelms any privacy position, overwhelms any privacy issue I could possibly articulate,” said Derek Bauer, attorney for the IndyStar.

The judge plans to release the sealed documents in 30 days pending an appeal by USA Gymnastics. No date has been set for the civil trial.

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