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Meet and greet sessions held for Savannah city manager finalist

Rob Hernandez (Source: City of Savannah) Rob Hernandez (Source: City of Savannah)

Savannah's City Manager finalist was available for the public to meet on Wednesday.

The public was invited to meet and greet Roberto "Rob" Hernandez, the finalist for the position of Savannah city manager, during two receptions. The sessions offered citizens a chance to get to know Hernandez better, and to hear what he plans to bring to the table if appointed.

"We are a fantastic community and we are friendly and vibrant and all of the things he spoke of. Get to know us and we'll help you. We will champion for you. We all have the same goal and that is Savannah being healthy and all that she can be,” said Savannah resident, Kelly Collingsworth. 

Hernandez is the lone finalist for the city manager position. He is currently the Deputy County Administrator in Broward County, Florida. He gave a presentation on his over 20 years experience in local government management at Wednesday's event.

"This is a great city with a lot of history. We need to celebrate it, but we can't live in the past. We need to move forward and realize, again, that there's a great big world out there that we need to keep up with. You've approached critical mass, so that means you have a lot of assets and attributes to deal with. At the same time, you have a lot of challenges that come along with a large and diverse population. You've got divergent needs that the next city manager and local government must balance. I understand that,” said Hernandez. 

The city is still negotiating his terms of employment right now but is ready to introduce him to the Savannah community.

"We have had communication with him throughout this process and now it is time to introduce the community to him. So this is an opportunity for him to learn about our people or citizens, and have them hear from him. So we are moving pretty rapidly in this process and we hope to have it wrapped up by Thursday," said Alderman Van Johnson, District 1, City of Savannah.

Savannah city council members are expected to take a formal vote on the appointment of Hernandez during their regularly scheduled city council meeting on Thursday.

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