Deadline Passes to Save Pit Bull


The owner of a pit bull in Effingham County has been working down to the final hour to save her dog from being put to sleep. Romeo is the pit bull which attacked a little boy.

His owner, Stephanie Wallace, says she did everything the judge asked in order to bring her Romeo home. "It's been difficult, real difficult," she told us.

Romeo has been caged at Effingham County Animal Control since April 5 when he bit a little boy while he was tied up in his own yard. Animal control says it's the third time he's bitten someone, but Wallace says he was only defending her property. "He doesn't deserve to die," she said.

While Romeo has been sitting at the pound, waiting to be put to sleep, Wallace fixed the hole in his pen he made, put up "beware of dog" signs, and she found an insurance company which would insure Romeo.

That was the toughest part of all. She couldn't find anyone in Effingham County that would do it, she actually had to cross the state line. "I had to go through Florida," Wallace explained. "I finally found them on Friday but it's a thousand dollars down, in full, which I don't have the money, so I'm trying to come up with that."

For three days she asked for donations so she could save her dog. Her deadline was today at 5pm. She fought very hard for the past two weeks to keep Romeo, but it came down to not enough money and not enough time.

Animal control will put Romeo to sleep on Wednesday. The judge says today's 5pm deadline is not flexible. He says he does not take joy in this, but he doesn't like to see kids mauled.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,