Good Samaritan hit by car during domestic dispute at Hinesville gas station

Good Samaritan hit by a car during domestic dispute at Hinesville gas station
Aaron Williams (Source: LCSO)
Aaron Williams (Source: LCSO)

HINESVILLE, GA (WTOC) - A woman rescues a stranger's baby and was then chased down and run over by a man in a vehicle, and it was all caught on camera.

It happened at the Flash Foods gas station in Hinesville, off of Oglethorpe Highway on Monday.

Here's what the woman says happened.

"I heard a lady screaming for help and I thought she said her baby was choking. So I go running over there and the father of the baby had the mom and the baby both in a knee lock and had a knife at the baby's throat," said Kristal Peters, Good Samaritan. "I was scared but I went ahead and reached in between the two of them and grabbed the baby and then I backed up right here in between the pumps."

Peters says the man wasn't done. He started circling them in the car, and when he was far enough away, she decided to make a run for it to the convenience store holding the baby tight.

"I just remember getting hit. I don't remember how I fell. I don't remember anything after that. I just remember getting up and running into the store," Peters said.

A store employee said they quickly locked the door.

The man then backed the vehicle up, narrowly missing the baby's head.

A convenience store worker told us the man then backed the vehicle up, missing the baby's head by inches.

The woman then grabbed the baby and went inside the store along with the mother, and the employee locked the door.

They say the man then parked the vehicle, got out and came back to the store with the knife saying, "If I get in there I'm going to kill everyone in there."

Police arrived moments later and took 23-year-old Aaron Williams into custody.

Officials say he is charged with aggravated assault and may face several other charges as well.

Peters is recovering from a broken toe, a knot on the back of her head and other injuries but said she is just glad everyone made it out alive.

"Emotional. A little traumatized by it but whew. God, it's hard to talk," Peters said.

No word on the baby's condition on Tuesday.

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