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Crops need rain, but farmers mindful of tropical storm impact

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Storms from the Atlantic or the Gulf Coast leave farmers conflicted this time of year.

They don't want the damage heavy winds could bring. But they need the rain.

These peanuts may not need an oven as they've roasted in the ground. Hot days with no rain or cloud cover have left fields in need of several inches of rain a storm might bring.

Three or four inches of rain over a few days would give the plants a boost, any more than that could do more harm.

They say it's better to get the rain now than weeks from now when harvest starts.

“If we could have ordered this, we would have put the order earlier this month. We definitely wouldn't put in an order for late September or early October,” said County Extension Agent Bill Tyson.

Nearby cotton could see damage if a storm brought heavy winds to bring down stalks. Likewise, the bolls will open later in the fall and winds and flooding rain would take what could be a good crop.

Tyson says at the least, they need rain just prior to peanut harvest to help soften the dirt just so they can dig the peanuts out of the hard dry ground. 

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