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Chatham County Recorder’s Court investigation findings released

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The documents related to an investigation into serious personnel issues within the Chatham County Recorder's Court have now been released. 

They don't paint a very pretty picture of how some court employees have been treated.

The investigation conducted by Savannah Labor attorney, Maury Bowen found that in fact, a hostile work environment had been created that pitted one side of the court against another, all based on who supported which judge.

Here's a quick view of the issues Bowen found after interviewing some 47 current and former court employees.

Certain employees were targeted or excluded if they supported Judge Claire Williams instead of Judge Tammy Stokes.

Race was a factor in the creation of that hostile work environment. And, favoritism was shown to some over others.

Bowen also found there had been retaliation against an employee the court was forced to re-hire after she had been fired.

These personnel conflicts play into the City of Savannah's push to move the Recorder's Court out of the county's jurisdiction and instead, create a city-run court.

You can find all the documents we received on this investigation and city's response to it below:

Judge Tammy Stokes released a statement on Wednesday afternoon:

As Chief Judge of the Recorder’s Court of Chatham County, I issued the Standing Order due to my legal obligation to respect the privacy and security of the individuals involved. Further, I did not want the premature release of the City’s report to compromise my ability to conduct a confidential and unbiased examination of the facts.  While it was always my intent to release the report immediately upon the completion of the official HR investigation, I nevertheless respect Judge Cavender’s decision.  I will continue to pursue my legal duty to conduct a thorough study of the complaints. While the City purports to have interviewed 47 people, its report is clearly based upon the statements of only four individuals.  While I will take the City’s report and findings into consideration, I assure the citizens of Chatham County that I will conduct a full and fair review of all accurate, complete and verifiable evidence and take all required actions in a decisive and appropriate manner.

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