'Underground' continues filming indoors during severe weather threat

'Underground' continues filming indoors during severe weather threat

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The TV series "Underground" continues filming in Savannah. Despite a weather threat, it's not keeping the crew down.

The series was forced indoors Wednesday because of the rain and bad weather, but on Tuesday they were able to get most of their work done in Chippewa Square.

They filmed at the first Baptist Church and also the top floor of the Griffin Tea Room, They then moved up Chippewa Square, where they were able to get everything they needed for Tuesday.

But not without controversy. I was in the Square early in the morning when park services and tree workers removed some of the Spanish moss that was low hanging. The Savannah Area Film Office said, in their opinion, not much moss was taken down.

Critics who disagree worried the entire west side of the square lost Spanish moss.

The crew is filming indoors at Jonesville Baptist Church on Montgomery Street and had a soundstage at the Savannah Film Factory.

They plan to return to Chippewa Square next week.

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