Bluffton High Holds Memorial for Weekend Crash Victims

Flowers mark the scene of the wreck.
Flowers mark the scene of the wreck.

There are still no charges today in a deadly weekend crash. A pickup truck and a Honda Accord smashed into each other Saturday night on Highway 170 Alternate in Levy, South Carolina, killing four teens and two adults.

Today, flowers and teddy bears mark the crash site.

The pickup's driver, Raymond Kelly, remains in the hospital. Officers say he took the curve too fast, lost control and hit the car, killing all four of its occupants. Two people in Kelly's truck also died.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating the wreck but have not decided if they'll charge Kelly at this time.

Earlier today, hundreds of classmates and friends attended a memorial for three of the crash victims. They gathered in the auditorium at Bluffton High School to remember their friends and try to console one another.

It certainly was an extremely tough day for these students. Through prayer, song and poetry they paid tribute to their classmates Lauren Carey, Brooke Ockovcin, and McCracken Middle School student Terrel Pinckney, who was part of the high school's track team.

"We organized this basically to just show the parents and everybody in our school how much we loved them," student Brielle Mitchell said.

And it's through this tragedy that students are pulling together.

"It's brought us closer to our principal and the faculty and everybody just came together," Brielle said. "And the families. It should have been that way from the beginning, but it just takes this to bring us all together. And hopefully we'll remain the same way, as one."

The crash may have taken these students' lives, but their legacies will live on at their school. Three trees will be planted at the school in their memory.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,