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Businesses in downtown Savannah prep for Hurricane Hermine

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Several businesses in downtown Savannah are preparing for heavy rain due to the potential impact Hurricane Hermine.

Some might have more to think about than others, especially low-lying businesses that could be greatly affected.

Multiple businesses in City Market and on Broughton Street are located underground, in basement storefronts, bars, and restaurants, which might put them at risk of having water come inside during the heavy rains.

One of those businesses, Alligator Soul on Barnard Street, was flooded during a storm in May when a storm pipe burst.

Everything inside was destroyed and they had to close for three months. While it was the only time in 14 years they have had water issues, this got their attention and they have a plan for this storm.

"It hasn't been an issue for us, we're not concerned about being in the basement, we like being in the basement. But you have to be prepared in any event ... we'll probably do a lot of sandbags, we'll do sandbags in all the entrances up on the first floor, we'll do sandbags down here on our main entrance and we'll probably put sandbags over the skylights as well, which are outside."

Sand bags are basically the only precaution any of these underground businesses said they can take. So far, none said they were considering closing because of the storm.

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