CEMA officials warn public to prepare for storm

CEMA officials warn public to prepare for storm

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Emergency crews in Chatham County are busy getting ready for Hurricane Hermine. They are taking this threat VERY seriously and want you to do the same.

As Hurricane Hermine becomes closer to passing through our area, CEMA officials are warning the public to be prepared for what's to come.

They do not suggest having loose items around your front yard or home.

Also, it's best to go ahead and make preparations things such as power outages, blocked roadways if needed.

"For this storm, take your emergency kit, look through it, make sure everything is still relevant for your family. If there are any perishables in there, see if they have expired, if they have, go ahead and take the time to replace those. Just make sure your emergency kit is ready to go. If you don't have one already together, you can visit the CEMA website, we have a checklist  there to help you put together an emergency kit," said Dennis Jones, Interim Director. "Pay attention. Know what the threat areas are throughout the community, and if you don't know, get educated from friends, family, from the media. Just make sure you know what is going on, that you are aware of the threat, and most importantly, that you have a family communications plan and an emergency kit that is available to you and your family."

By going ahead to preparing could prevent you and your family from experiencing the worst outcomes possible.

To visit the CEMA website, click here.

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