All hands on deck at Georgia Power Thursday night

All hands on deck at Georgia power Thursday night

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Georgia Power is working with all hands on deck Thursday night as they gear up for possible power outages caused by the storm.

They've already brought in several hundred workers this afternoon to make sure they can get to every situation as quickly and safely as possible.

They say they have solid plans in place to deal with these kinds of situations, and they feel ready.

"We haven't had to do this for quite some time but we do practice for this all the time. Georgia Power practices all year round so this is nothing new.  It's like a well-oiled machine and we just put it into play when we need to," said Swann Seiler, Corporate Communications Manager.

If you are a Georgia Power customer and experience a power outage, click here to learn how to report it.

Seiler says if you see a downed power line, treat it as if it were live and call 911 or Georgia Power immediately.

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