Students Come Together to Mourn Accident Victims

It was an emotional goodbye as Bluffton students remembered three classmates. The teens were among six people killed in a wreck late Saturday night in Levy on Highway 170 Alternate.

Many students are devastated as you could see at a memorial service yesterday at Bluffton High School. Many schools are forced to cope with the death of a student at some point, but rarely do students have to mourn three of their own at one time.

With a program full of memories, music and prayer the students, teachers and staff of Bluffton High school came together to grieve. Tears flowed freely from family and friends who still aren't ready to let go of Lauren Carey, Brooke Ockovcin and Terrel Pinckney.

Students say this tragedy has brought the entire student body closer together, closer than the new school has been all year long.

"People, if they see someone crying, they might not even know them, and they'll just walk up and help them out," said student Brian Taylor.

"It's great when you can get encouragement from your friends and family and the school can come together as one," added fellow student Brielle Mitchell.

At the end of the crying, consoling and heartache, there wasn't much left for family to do, except begin to pick up the pieces and move on.

In all, six people were killed in the wreck Saturday night, four teenagers and two adults. So far, investigators have yet to file charges against the driver of a pickup truck they say crossed the center line.

The pickup's driver, Raymond Kelly, is still in the hospital.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,