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Tybee Island residents, visitors hoping to enjoy Labor Day weekend

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Things are finally getting back to normal on Tybee Island Friday night.

The wind gusts died down just a few hours ago. Now the city is cleaning up and looking forward to the weekend. The pier started to get busy around 6 p.m. and it still hasn't slowed down.

The island was slammed with strong wind gusts for much of Friday afternoon. Several docks were damaged and trees were knocked down around the island as well.

"But it's great. Thank God there wasn't a lot of damage. Tybee is still holding up. Our place isn't flying away so we're happy. We're really going to enjoy the weekend,” said Dianna Polak, a resident of Tybee Island.

People still came to the beach to watch the waves and feel the wind on the beach.

"I just came out here to see what the weather looked like. I've never been in a hurricane or any bad weather like this. It's pretty intense,” said Evan Ray, Tybee Island resident.

The mayor told WTOC the cleanup will last several days, but it could have been a lot worse.

“We're looking at good weather tomorrow and Sunday and into Monday so I'm anticipating a good crowd. May have some rip currents tomorrow morning but our lifeguards will be out making sure people are aware of them,” said Tybee Island Mayor Jason Buelterman.

The city will pick up any storm-related debris for the next two days. There won't be any excuse to not clean up either, because it looks like better weather is on the way.

That's good for the island because this weekend is one of the biggest for tourism all year.

Everyone, even a family I spoke with that drove over from Wilmington Island because they lost power, is ready for Labor Day.

“The power went out about 7 o'clock this morning so we've been scrambling all day without power. We called last minute to see if there any rentals they were canceled because of the storm. So we got this place so we have power, air-conditioning, and we can take a hot shower,” said Casey Orear, a Wilmington Island resident.

I spoke with a lot of the hotels and rental companies around here earlier this week, they're all expecting a full house.

We'll have to check back and see just how many people showed up for the holidays. One thing is for certain, though, everyone here is excited to see this storm pass through.

So far, there are no reported injuries out on the island.

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