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Hermine serves as wake-up call to many in Beaufort County

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Tropical Storm Hermine may be long gone from our area, but many say it was a big wake-up call to how much damage a tropical storm can really do.

The director of Beaufort County's Emergency Management Agency told WTOC the storm was a great learning experience for their facility and his crew.

With this storm, the biggest factor was its high winds. It ripped through our area, uprooting trees and debris, crashing into houses, cars, and power lines.

This storm gave the EMA a chance to use their new equipment and technology to monitor the storm.

In the past, they would have to send crews out to check on road blocks and power outages. Now, they have the ability to use units out on the roads - like traffic cameras - to instantly see pictures of what's going on first. This makes the process safer and more efficient.

"It's been an awfully good training exercise for all of our folks, because we haven't been through a wind storm like this in over a decade. We're able to see an awful lot of what's happening in real time and respond to it appropriately. Not send too many resources or not get in a situation where we didn't send enough resources," said Lt. Col. Neil Baxely.

He also wants people to take this as a learning experience for their homes too.

Baxely hopes that people will now be more prepared and listen to their instructions to evacuate if something worse - like a hurricane - were to come through. 

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