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Residents working hard to clean up after TS Hermine on Labor Day weekend

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Many folks in the Coastal Empire are finding themselves doing yard work this Labor Day weekend, cleaning up debris after Tropical Storm Hermine rolled through our area.

Almost every house on Robin Road in Savannah has bags full of debris from their yards.

Debbie Ogle says this was not how she had planned to spend her Labor Day weekend, actually doing labor-intensive yard work.

Her father-in-law lives at this home, she and several family members have been here the last couple of days just trying to get things back to normal. She says they've already hauled off three trailer loads of debris and have filled up about 15 of the brown paper lawn and leaf bags.

Ogle says things are finally starting to look normal around here again compared to what it looked like right after the storm.

"It looked like the hurricane had come through here. However, we know it didn't but it was torn up. All of the neighbors were out here cleaning their yards. It was a mess here Saturday,” said Ogle.

Those in the lawn service business are in high demand after heavy rain and strong winds caused created a lot debris and damage.

"I've been pretty overwhelmed today and yesterday,” said Geoff Dunn, with AA Property Preservation.

Dun says he doesn't usually work weekends or holidays, but he couldn't turn down the demand for business after Tropical Storm Hermine left a lot damage and debris in its wake.

"A house down the street had a tree go through it that was the worst damage I saw,” said Dunn.

This small business owner says normally yard maintenance takes about 45 minutes. But jobs this weekend are taking more than three times that long.

"I spend anywhere from three to eight hours a day on each one,” said Dunn.

Long hours and intensive labor that some folks decided to do themselves.

"We've carried off three trailer loads and there's probably going to be about 15 bags of debris,” said Ogle.

Ogle says since this was not how they planned to spend their holiday weekend, bagging yard debris.

"This is Labor Day. We all wanted to go out on the boat like everyone else. But that didn't happen but it is OK,” Ogle said.

Ogle, like many folks around here, are looking on the bright side of this storm because they realize things could have been much worse. In fact, some are thankful to actually be doing labor-intensive yard work this weekend because that means business is doing well.

"Mostly just picking up limbs, cutting up debris. It puts food on the table,” said Dunn.

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