Top Teacher--Wanda Mosley

Wanda Mosley
Wanda Mosley

With new technology come new challenges, and it can be tough to get up to speed on everything. But one Reidsville teacher is making sure her children aren't left behind.

Computers are a staple in the classroom these days and Wanda Mosley is teaching her third graders at Reidsville Elementary School to use the internet.

In this ever-changing, high-tech world, Mosley still relies on the old golden rules. "I try to instill in them to be the honest, always do your best. If you tell someone, you're going to do it, do it."

Mosley says seeing the eyes light up on a child when they learn something new is the best part about teaching. And helping children to a brighter future is what led her to the classroom.

"I used to work at DFACS," she told us. "We had people who couldn't fill out an application. We have teenagers who can't read or write. I need to make a difference. I'm also a third generation teacher, my grandmother and my father."

Student Staci Robinson told us, "She's a really nice teacher, she really helps you learn."

"She seems like the best teacher I've ever had," Javon Peters.

"Sometimes they say I can't, but I can't isn't a word in my classroom," said Mosley. "Always try."

Wanda Mosley, this week's WTOC Top Teacher.

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Reported by: Mike Cihla,