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Consider This: Hermine


Many of us spent the Labor Day weekend laboring over the mess left behind by Hermine.

The storm’s rain and wind took down trees and limbs and caused nearly 100,000 thousand homes and businesses to spend a good portion of the weekend without power. Hermine’s fury also spawned at least two tornados creating a fair amount of damage, though nothing widespread or devastating.

Pat Prokop always used to tell me that storms like these could have a beneficial element as they tend to clean out the most susceptible of the limbs and trees that would be most likely to do major damage should the big one hit.

Consider This: as we’ve been saying all this year, it’s not a question of if for us, it’s a question of when, and Hermine was NOT the when. And following the sage wisdom of Pat, there was some benefit to enduring Hermine’s wrath. We learned that closing schools and business early is not a waste. The worst of the storm hit when our roads would normally have been at their busiest. We learned that it doesn’t take a major storm to take out major pockets of electricity, but we also learned that Georgia Power’s post-storm action plan, for the most part, is very effective, though those who were the last to get power back on may not agree.

And most importantly, we learned that by heeding the warnings of our First Alert weather team and by preparing for the worst, but praying for the best we as a strong community can come together and safely weather the storm.

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