Stolen Vehicle Crashes into Community Rec Center

There was a real scare last night as a car came crashing through the walls of a recreation center on Brewer Street on Savannah's west side while the kids were playing. It was a startling sight for neighbors in Caton Homes.

One little girl was checked out by EMS. Fortunately, she's fine and didn't even have to go to the hospital. It's pretty amazing when you take a look at the damage the vehicle did and consider there were at least 20 children inside, and plenty more right in the neighborhood.

What was supposed to be a safe place for children had children running for their lives, when the driver of a stolen red Jeep Cherokee literally crashed their basketball game.

Mill Jones was playing at the time. He told us, "All I know is we were in the middle of the gym playing basketball on the floor. The next thing we knew was the car came through and a little girl started crying."

That little girl turned out to be okay. The building was sturdy enough to put a stop to the Jeep before it got too far inside, but the accident still shook everyone up.

"All I heard was the car driving into the gym and I jumped and I was scared," Jasmine Gray said.

The driver wasn't hurt. He leaped out and ran off. Tamequa Clark saw it all. "I was coming down the street, I was on someone's porch, and I saw a truck run into the gym," she said. "All I heard was a loud noise."

"I heard a boom, and the car ran into the gym," Herman Fields said.

Even those outside feared the driver of the car wasn't going to stop. "I thought he was going to back up and drive crazy," said Herman.

Fortunately, when the driver took off again, he left the car behind. Police are still following up on leads, looking for the driver of the stolen vehicle.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,