Armed Robbery Caught on Tape

Suspect enters a Parker's market.
Suspect enters a Parker's market.

An armed robber held up a convenience store overnight in downtown Savannah, and it was caught on tape, though the suspect got away.

Police have been cracking down on this type of crime. The Parker's store on Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd. was used by cops to hide out back and wait for a crime to happen.

Unfortunately, all it took last night was one thief to pick the right store at the right time.

"He was shaking and nervous," said clerk Tameko Mobley of the suspect.

Mobley is a mother of five kids, but even those skills couldn't help Thursday morning.

Take a look at this image from surveillance tape. Mobley had a feeling there would be trouble when she saw this guy. She told us she thought "this such and such is dressed to rob something."

Her instincts were right. "Boom, he pulled that gun out, said, 'Hey little mama you know what this is, that's what I am talking about, give it up.'"

You can see the gun in the video slid under the bulletproof glass. "I didn't know if he shot if it would ricochet and hit me," said Mobley. "Because he was more scared than I was."

And Mobley was pretty scared. "Scared? Scared ain't even the word."

Over the last few months, police officers have been holding stakeouts in back rooms and coolers of convenience stores and gas stations. They used Parker's as one of their first locations and have been back a few times.

But employees here wish the cops were here last night. "Yes, most definitely, where did they go?" laughed Parker's Beth Harn.

She says the "cops in the cooler" idea works...when they are there. "They've caught shoplifters, we give them a signal, and boom, they are out."

She's just waiting for a robber to pick the wrong convenience store. "They can say, hey man, don't go into that store, you don't know what will happen."

As soon as last night's robber left, Mobley did hit the panic button. The thief made off with $200, and Mobley was happy to still be alive. "I got five kids. It's possible I wouldn't have made it home to my kids."

The man is still on the loose and was last seen running by the Wendy's on MLK. If you have any information, give CrimeStoppers a call at 234.2020.

Reported by: Don Logana,