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Day two of Bay Street parking ban


Even though Monday is the second full day of the Bay Street pilot program, this is the first day we are getting a sense of what a normal workday looks like without cars lining either side of this busy thoroughfare.

Big, orange road barrels simulate wear a median, full of vegetation and aesthetically pleasing, will go if the pilot program is a success. But nothing is set in stone, according to city officials, and they want as much feedback from stakeholders as possible.

By stakeholders, they mean business owners and their employees, as well as residents. The city is welcoming constructive criticism, so long as you are specific about what you don't like and why.

One business owner told me safety is a top concern for her.

"It seems like the traffic has, if anything, speeded up with the wider lanes. It leaves only three to four feet from the curb to where the big 18-wheelers are whizzing by. And it's frightening. I think they are going to have to do something, first of all, to slow the traffic down. Eliminate some of the trucks, and keep them in the left-hand lane. They are just way too close to the curb, for safety reasons,” said Bay Street Blues co-owner, Bonnie Walden.

Walden did say the lack of cars parked in front of her business did give it better exposure from the street and she was happy about that. The city does want to point out that the restrictions on big truck traffic don't go into effect until the last two weeks of the study.

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