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Coastal Children’s Advocacy Center: Recognizing signs of child abuse

(Source: Coastal Children's Advocacy Center) (Source: Coastal Children's Advocacy Center)

WTOC asked a local advocacy center on how to recognize signs of child abuse.

When it comes to physical abuse, pay close attention to how a child or parent explains how it happened.

If the parent is blaming another child, that is usually a red flag. And always pay attention. Don't be afraid to get involved.

"You could be that one person that makes a difference in the life of a child. Unfortunately, there are too few kids these days who have an adult who genuinely takes a true concern for the life and safety of that kid,” said Coastal Children’s Advocacy Center Executive Director Kris Rice.

Some more tips. Look for bruises and burns. And if injuries have not been treated, ask why.

To learn more about and from the Coastal Children's Advocacy Center, please click here.

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