Former Schoolhouse Reopens as Museum

All too often, we see older buildings bulldozed to make way for the future. But one community found its future and its past in one of those buildings.

It has taken a long time, but people in Glennville have turned an old schoolhouse into a place of higher education and history at the same time.

Lines of students still fill the old Glennville School, not for classes but for a walk back into the past. Edith Phillips tells visitors what it was like to teach there 50 years ago.

The schoolhouse-turned-museum has reopened after two years of renovation.

"It brings back lots of memories for me because I sat in one of these desks when I was in the third grade and Doll Rogers was the teacher," said Juliette Tarver who sits on the museum board.

Former state representative Clinton Oliver looked at one desk and guessed whose carved initials are on the top. Oliver helped bring a 3-D display from the state capitol.

A mural shows the original buildings of the town.

An authentic stove, complete with biscuits, came from the family of Glennville's namesake, Glenn Thompson.

Some pieces draw more conversation than others, like a moonshine still. "This was a way of life for people that didn't have jobs many years ago," said museum board member Dane Bazemore.

A few years ago the city gave the campus to Southeastern Tech, which made space for the museum. "As far as we know, we're the only tech school in the state with anything similar to this," said campus director Carl Hay.

Juliette Tarver and others say they're proud the campus is still used for education and they can help teach youngsters about their own history as well. She says the next additions in the museum will be recorded audio tours that explains the displays.

The museum opens during normal school hours for Southeastern Tech.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,