Good News: Patriot Honor Ride

Good News: Patriot Honor Ride

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Retired Air Force Colonel and war hero Gary West is on a 2,500-mile mission that took him through Savannah.

He's bicycling from Maine to Florida in honor of fallen soldiers and their families.

"It's a way to say, 'Thank you. We haven't forgotten the loss and the sacrifice,'" said West.

His chase car is all decked out letting people know about his cause.  He carries with him 16 U.S. flags, each one dedicated to a different family along the east coast.

"For me, this is a personal mission. Sorry. It's been a very emotional two months."

West has three boys but knows many other children who grew up without a father.

"My heart goes out to these families that don't have that same reality that same outcome, face every day the brutalities of war."

He's riding in support of the group Folds of Honor. They provide scholarships to the families of killed or disabled military members.

"Their goal is to not let any child's legacy be lost on the battlefield."
While in Savannah Tuesday, West stopped by Armstrong State University to speak to Cadets - a great teaching moment.

"People have fallen for duty and honor for their country and we still need to remember them and make them aware of this is why we're in the military and why we do that stuff," said Maj. Drew Ponivas, ROTC at Armstrong State University.

It's a message West is bringing down the east coast.

"It's been very emotional, powerful, and meaningful," he said.

West is scheduled to arrive at the end point Key West, Florida on October 1, which also happens to be his 60th birthday.

To donate to Patriot Honor Ride or for more information on Folds of Honor, please click the corresponding links.

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