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T.S. Julia causes setbacks in HHI re-nourishment project

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Tropical Storm Julia has left little impact on the Coastal Empire, but the heavy and consistent rain did cause setbacks for some improvement projects taking place around the Lowcountry.

Tropical Storm Hermine made little impact on the beach re-nourishment project in Hilton Head, besides sending back the timeline a week or two. But with Tropical Storm Julia, the project director says the storm passed at just the right time helping them prepare for the next leg of the project.

Four tropical storms have passed through HHI since the re-nourishment project started. But the most recent storm isn't the reason crews a stopped work this week.

"And in fact, we had some mechanical problems the day before the storm arrived a pump that was in need of repairs the dredge went off-line so we discontinued work overnight on Tuesday," said Scott Liggett, Director of Public Projects.

But as tropical storm Julia made her way over South Carolina, conditions worsened creating another obstacle for the project. 

"The original plan was to make the repairs there at sea. And with the increasing sea conditions deteriorating conditions high waves. The dread was actually pulled back inside so will make those pump repairs to the dredge here in the next couple of days inside," said Liggett.

And that a brief period of down a time is something crews will take advantage of. 

"While the dredge was down it was advantageous from a scheduling standpoint to go ahead and move the pipeline that is required to serve this third zone. Get that in place while the other repairs are going on," said Liggett.

He says we can we expect to see work again soon.

"We'll get everything hooked back up repairs made with the hopes that weather conditions and mechanical works in place so we can start over the weekend. No later than Monday."

As of right now, they are still aiming for that late October completion date and they are on track to using the designated 2,000,000 yd.³ of sand.

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