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Global ‘Parking Day’ hits Savannah at Starlandia

(Source: WTOC) (Source: WTOC)

A national effort to transform the way we think about utilizing outdoor urban space is right here in Savannah.

Friday is global Parking Day, an event that encourages the transformation of everyday parking spaces into temporary public park-like space.

Normally, the last thing a downtown business would want to do is give up any street-side parking for its customers.

But that's exactly what Starlandia Art Supply on Bull Street is doing Friday in recognition of National Parking Pay.

They've put down some Astroturf, set out chairs and a table, and created a little space for customers and passers-by to relax.

The owner of Starlandia says the concept is a great way to get urban planners to think outside the box, and look at space dedicated for one thing, and turning into a public, pedestrian-friendly space.

"And so what we're trying to do here is really break open and getting people to start thinking about different ways that cities can be designed, different ways that spaces can be used. And not having that be such a lofty idea, but something that is really graspable and approachable by a lot of people,” said Starlandia owner, Clinton Edminster.

Starlandia is the only business participating in Savannah this year, but the owner hopes by getting the word out that will change next year. Parking Day is always the third Friday in September. 

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