Georgia National Guard joins 3rd ID

Georgia National Guard joins 3rd ID

FORT STEWART (WTOC) - The line between National Guard troops and full-time Army blurred just a little more Friday. Members of Fort Stewart's Third Infantry Division and the Georgia Army National Guard formalized an agreement signed this summer.

The state's Guard now falls under Third Infantry's command

Commanders say this means more than just swapping out a uniform patch, but the mission will remain the same.

Third Infantry Division welcomed the 48th Brigade as its newest component. Georgia's National Guard remains under the governor's control in times of emergency. But their training comes under Third Infantry and they could be called to deploy with the division if needed.

Brigade commanders say this just puts on paper what they've done before on the battlefield.

"Over the course of time, we've served with active duty units including the Third Infantry during conflicts. So it soldiers the relationship that we've already had," said 48th BCT Commander Col. Reginald Neal.

Georgia's National Guard is one of a handful now paired with active duty divisions to give commanders more input and info on the guard unit's training and preparation for combat. Third Infantry's commander, Major General Jim Rainey, predicts current world conditions could force US troops to fight once again.

Commanders say this will help everyone be more prepared for combat.

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