District Attorney speaks at Armstrong on Constitution, social media

District Attorney speaks at Armstrong on Constitution social media.

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Folks celebrated the Constitution at Armstrong State University Friday with the top prosecutor in Chatham County.

District Attorney Meg Heap spoke on campus in the Ogeechee Theatre on a topic of her choosing, "The First Amendment, Social Media, and the Courts."

One of the main points she stressed is to be careful before calling out or threatening someone on Facebook or other social networks.

"There are crimes that you may commit by mouthing off. On the other hand, there may be civil ramifications as well. If you defame someone's character, there is a criminal charge and there is a civil charge," said Meg Heap, Chatham County District Attorney.

Heap also talked about how social media is changing the way juries are selected for trials.

Your posts and views on your Facebook page can help decide if you can be impartial when it comes to certain cases.

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