Police taking possible clown sightings seriously in Port Wentworth

Police taking possible clown sightings seriously in Port Wentworth

PORT WENTWORTH, GA (WTOC) - Some people are in a hysteria after seeing a post on Facebook about clowns coming out of the woods, chasing and terrorizing young kids.

Several of the posts claim these clowns have knives and they're luring the kids in with candy. Police say there is no proof that it has happened, but they have to take these threats seriously.

The Port Wentworth Police ramped up patrols Friday morning to make sure kids in the Lakeshore neighborhood got on the buses safely. Some believe this is just a hoax, while others are terrified.

"We actually received a call yesterday morning approximately 6:45 a.m. in reference to someone spotting a clown coming out of the wood line... supposedly chasing kids," said Sgt. Jason Bragg, Port Wentworth Police.

After receiving several calls and Facebook posts about clowns in the woods chasing after children, police officers in our area including Port Wentworth and Pooler are investigating.

"The Georgia law is very specific 1611-38 specifically says you can not wear a mask in a public place for purposes like this," said Chief Mark Revene, Pooler Police.

"We are prepared to protect ourselves and our citizens of Port Wentworth and Chatham County as well as our children," said Bragg.

Pooler police say they haven't got any calls and they think this may just be a hoax, but they are prepared to respond.

"We do answer every complaint and we do take it seriously and we just want to say you know I think this is some sort of guerilla marketing," said Revene.

Port Wentworth police say they have not spotted any clowns, but if there is someone out there doing this, the following message is for them:

"Stop, it's not funny, these are our kids and we're going to protect them. We want to make sure that they understand this is not a game," said Bragg.

Port Wentworth councilman Paul Fox says as the head of the community watch in greater Port Wentworth, he holds meetings every second Tuesday of the month to discuss important issues and concerns.

"As far as clowns and stuff like that, that's really scary, and I can understand why parents are upset. I hope we can find out whats going on and get to the bottom of it," said Fox.

Fox says he is here for the community and that you can always reach out to him for help.

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