Kings Bay Solar Facility officially on near St. Marys

Kings Bay Solar Facility officially on near St. Marys

GEORGIA (WTOC) - The Georgia Public Service Commission continues to oversee the construction of new solar energy fields, particularly in southern Georgia.

Tuesday, the partnership of Georgia Power, The Commission and the U.S. military flipped the switch on the Kings Bay Solar Facility on the Submarine base near St. Marys.

133,000 solar panels will soon produce power to the base and surrounding community. A similar solar power field is now under construction on Fort Stewart as well.

Commissioner Tim Echols explains why Southeastern Georgia is such a hot spot for solar energy.

"We've got great sun here. The land's cheap. The land's flat. And there's a lot of Georgia Power substations.  All of this energy will be put back on the grid. All of it sold back to Georgia Power to be used by all of Georgia Power's customers throughout the state," said Echols.

The St. Mary's installation cost $75 million to build yet there will be no subsidies added to Georgia Power customer bills.

Georgia now ranks fourth in the nation when it comes to the amount of power produced by solar energy.

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