Man Rescued from Fire by Stranger

The scene on West 43rd Street.
The scene on West 43rd Street.

A massive fire gutted a Savannah home this afternoon. Just before noon, a house on West 43rd Street burst into flames. Dozens of firefighters battled back the fire and smoke for more than an hour, but they couldn't save the home.

This was a very close call for the man who lived there. You can see by the shell of this home how bad the fire was, and it could have been worse.

The smoke and fire were almost mesmerizing as people who live on the street watched the fire rip through Horace Hammon's home.

"Take a look at that," Hammon said, watching the fire destroying every room in his house. It almost took his life, but someone he didn't even know was looking out for him.

"I had to bust the window and get him out the back," said Robert Kennedy.

"I heard somebody say, 'Hey, hey,' loud," recalled Hammon. "I could here that, it was him, he had to break in there."

Hammon says he was getting ready to shave and had no idea he was in danger until Kennedy came in. "I'm glad he did, because I could have gotten burned up in there."

Kennedy was modest about his selfless act. "I was a little scared at first but other than that I was fine."

The heat, the smoke didn't even cross his mind. He was just thinking about the man inside. "I just knew he lived next door and I figured he was in trouble, so I went in to check if anyone was in the house."

No one was hurt.

Hammon lost everything he owns in the fire. The Red Cross is going to find him a place to stay and help him get back on his feet.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,