Warm Temperatures a Challenge for Firefighters

Savannah firefighters say today's fire on West 43rd Street was the first big fire they've had to contend with this spring. The warmer temperatures today made battling the blaze even more of a challenge.

If battling the blaze weren't hard enough, within minutes Savannah firefighters were also exhausted trying to control the flames, while trying to control their body temperature.

"The fire alone can get up to 500 degrees, plus your body is hot in the suit, so you're 100 degrees as is," said firefighter Marvin Thomas.

Despite the months of training firefighters go through to deal with the Savannah heat, this was a hot one.

"It's like being inside an oven, imagine being a turkey or chicken in an oven," one told us.

And you could see it in their faces. Nine units on the scene, dozens of them hot, sweaty and trying to cool off.

"It's close to summer, you know how Savannah is with humidity and heat, so it gets into high temperatures."

High temperatures and high tension that these firefighters say you can never be too prepared for. "We train on a regular basis inside the gear, so you know your limitations."

Reported by: Hena Daniels, hdaniels@wtoc.com