Boy Remains Hospitalized Following Shooting

It's just another argument between teens until somebody pulls a gun. Johnny Ellis, 13, got in a fight with an older boy yesterday near his house on Fairmont Avenue. That boy shot Ellis twice, then took off. The shooter remains on the run.

At this time, police do not know what they were fighting about, but they do think they know who the shooter is and are asking for help finding him.

"This incident occurred in broad daylight," said Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department spokesman Bucky Burnsed. "There were a number of people out on the street at the time."

Police aren't naming a suspect yet.

Some people living nearby say yesterday's shooting is disturbing, but not too worrisome. "I think it's an isolated incident," said neighbor Catherine Fisher. "I don't think it's anything I need to worry about with the kids. I know what they're doing and I know who their friends are, so I'm not worried about it."

She may not be, but some other neighbors are. "It's really disturbing to me," said Wendy Seamen. "Especially because it's so close to the house."

Seamen says she's had problems in this neighborhood just off of White Bluff Road before and has already considered moving once. "I thought about leaving when my home was burglarized twice. And now with this? I'm afraid my son will be outside playing and God only knows...if he were to get caught in a stray bullet or anything."

Police say they need help finding the man responsible for this shooting. If you saw the incident or know anything about it, call CrimeStoppers.

As for 13-year-old Johnny Ellis, he's still in the hospital, but they're not releasing his condition at this time.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,