Principal Reacts After Police Say Attack Reports Fabricated

Dr. Lucy Phillip, the principal of Groves High School found out the news yesterday that police have concluded two attacks reported on campus never happened. She says she is surprised, but hopes to move on and concentrate on some of the positive things coming up in the future.

Groves High School ended the day as usual today. As students were leaving, many didn't even know the police had come out and said that some of their fellow students weren't telling truth.

In fact, many told us off camera they thought both girls were lying the whole time. But despite the rumors circulating around school, it surprised Dr. Phillip, who says the news is really a double-edged sword.

"When they first told me, it was really mixed emotions," she said. "My first reaction is, 'Great, this really didn't happen as we thought it happened,' and then you think the downside to this is, 'I'm really sorry it got to this point.'"

A point at which demonstrations took place in front of the school, and the reported attacks were the talk of the entire area, putting the school in a negative light.

"I think the frustration of a lot of students here is, we've won awards, not just with track or the team or getting the new track started, but even on an academic front, we have received a few," Dr. Phillip said. "And the attention wasn't there as much as the safety issues."

Security was beefed up, with parents patrolling the halls and teachers taking an even more active approach to safety. And it will stay that way and next year get stronger.

Now, Principal Phillip says it's time to look ahead to the future. "We're hoping to have the military academy up by the fall and other academic things."

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,