Good News: Big weekend in Forsyth Park

Good News: Big weekend in Forsyth Park

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - If you weren't at the big green space in the middle of Savannah this weekend, you were missing something as Forsyth Park was not just the middle of the historic district but also the center of the city.

"It's just a wonderful day," Savannah Mayor Pro-tem Carol Bell said Sunday at Forsyth. "It's a great time to be in Savannah."

And to be at the heart of events that captured Savannah's charitable and social spirits.

On Saturday, there were 5,000 people going around Forsyth to promote awareness and inclusion for people with different abilities at the 11th annual Buddy Walk.

"We're so proud to live in a community that accepts differences," said Brian Hussey, of the Lowcountry Down Syndrome Society, which hosts the Buddy walk. "The important thing is we're all different, we're all part of the community and we all have something to contribute."

Then on Sunday, nearly 20,000 people inside the big park celebrated Savannah in a way only Savannah can, with music, food, friendship and fun at "Picnic in the Park."

"It's just a nice way to bring people together, especially with all the things that have been going on with crime and craziness," said Laura Wiggins, who attended Picnic in the Park with friends, "It's a nice way to have a Sunday afternoon gathering of just wonderful people."

The Savannah Philharmonic performed a free concert helping make "Picnic in the Park" the city's largest outdoor cultural event.

"We can only fit 1,200 people in the Lucas Theater, a few more in the Johnny Mercer Theater," said Mitchell Krieger, executive director of the Philharmonic. "But tonight 15,000 to 20,000 people will be here sharing great music with the Savannah Philharmonic and that's absolutely fantastic."

Bell agreed it was a fantastic night for Savannah.

"I keep saying there a sense of community," said Bell. "That's exactly what it is. Today we're celebrating the fantastic phenomenal sense of community in our area."

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