Policy changes after Beaufort Co. deputy guns stolen

Policy changes after Beaufort Co. deputy guns stolen

BEAUFORT CO., SC (WTOC) - Two Beaufort County Sheriff's Office deputies are now facing disciplinary action after their firearms were stolen.

Two guns were recently recovered after the incidents happened over the summer.

The sheriff's office did not comment directly on what actions would be taken, but they said that there will be consequences for these incidents.

Sheriff P.J. Tanner says there will be policy changes after several firearms were stolen from two unmarked department vehicles.

"In late July, a duty firearm was reported stolen or missing by a deputy sheriff and then in late September, another incident occurred in Beaufort with two stolen glocks and a personal firearm," said BCSO Capt. Bob Bromage.

The sheriff's office says there was no sign of forced entry, but there will be a change to the current policy.  And as far as the deputies, they're not off the hook either.

"The sheriff has indicated he is going to look at the current policy and is looking to update it so there are no weapons left in the vehicles when a deputy is off duty," said Capt. Bromage. "There are many policies in place at the sheriff's office and we are governed by those policies and can expect disciplinary action."

The department is working to locate all of the weapons. So far, two have been recovered.

"Two adult females were present when federal warrants were served at a Dale residence. They were charged with possession of cocaine and possession of a stolen firearm in reference to the two glocks stolen from the deputy," said Capt. Bromage.

As of Monday afternoon, both women were still behind bars in Beaufort.

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