Day two of trial of Justin Ross Harris underway in Glynn County

Day two of trial of Justin Ross Harris underway in Glynn County

BRUNSWICK, GA (WTOC) - Day two of the hot car death trial in Brunswick began with opening statements from the defense team, who said Justin Ross Harris is a loving father who forgot his son.

They addressed the infidelity in his marriage and sexting with different women, claiming the troublesome life he was leading was not related to his toddler son's death in a hot car.

We saw emotion for the first time in this trial, Ross Harris wiping tears from his eyes as his defense attorney recounted the day 22-month-old Cooper Harris died in his father's hot car.

The defense worked to explain to the jury how Harris's sex life, "No matter how perverse and nasty and wrong it is, his sexual behavior isn't a motive to murder the person he loved more than anything in the world."

And Kilgore continued to harp on how much Ross Harris loved his son, Cooper, saying the father had been "googling about child passport costs", telling the jury Ross Harris had future plans to be with his son before the toddler died.

Kilgore spoke on how memory failure and a loss of awareness led to Cooper's death. The defense finished off by saying they will call on Leanna Taylor to testify, Harris's ex-wife.

Inside the courtroom, the jury heard testimony from a detective who was on the scene that day two years ago.

Cobb County Detective Jacquelyn Piper was one of the responding officers. She got the call concerning an unresponsive child on June 18, 2014, while she said she was eating lunch at a nearby restaurant.

When she arrived at the scene of the Acres Mill shopping center in Cobb County, she approached Ross Harris. The jury saw video and heard testimony of what happened

"The best way I can describe it is if you have seen Anchorman and you have Will Ferrell shouting, I am in a glass case of emotion. It is that monotone yelling that seems really forced," said Piper.

Before Ross Harris was handcuffed Detective Piper told the jury what he had to say.

"He stepped forward and said 'shut the f*** up my son just died,'" Piper said.

His 22-month-old son, Cooper, laying lifeless on the ground at the time. Piper explained the information she was able to gather on the scene.

"He stated he forgot to drop his son off, he made a statement that he had not made a double look inside the car," said Piper.

Shortly after entering the police car you can see on the video Ross Harris making mention of the temperature being uncomfortable for him.

"Immediately he complained about how hot it was inside my vehicle, that day it was very hot out," said Piper.

Piper testified she had the air conditioning on. Ross Harris was then left alone in the car until Piper returned to take him to investigators.

When he was alone this was captured on video.

"Oh my god, oh my god, my boy..."

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