Good News: Beast of Burden Challenge

Good News: Beast of Burden Challenge

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Jess Kurti was busy sorting donations at the Second Harvest Food Bank on Tuesday. But soon she will have to hit the road to fight hunger.

"I think so few people realize how crucial hunger is," said Kurti. "It really is a litmus test to how we're doing as a county."

And Kurti is going around the country trying to spread that message.

She started the Beast of Burden Challenge and in it will attempt to volunteer at all 200 food banks in the Feeding America network while also running 100 marathons.

"I realized when I started volunteering at food banks there's such a huge gap in knowledge about the public realizing who Feeding America is and what they do," she said. "There is this fantastic network of food banks that is trying to end hunger and get to the root causes of poverty and end poverty."

Kurti saw hunger hit in her hometown of Orlando, FL. during the downturn in the economy and has been busy ever since, getting out the word with work and running.

"I am at about 154 of the 200 food banks," said Kurti. "And I'm on 80 of the 100 marathons."

And although her short stay in Savannah did not include a race, it could have a lasting impact at Second Harvest.

"It's really great," said Jacob Brown, America's Second Harvest's volunteer coordinator. "We're getting the word out, she's spreading the news about hunger and everything and we're really excited to have her. We hope it encourages other people to come out and volunteer."

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