Lowcountry residents preparing to evacuate due to Hurricane Matthew

Lowcountry residents preparing to evacuate due to Hurricane Matthew

BEAUFORT CO., SC (WTOC) - Gas and groceries seem to be a top priority at the moment in the Lowcountry after South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley issued an evacuation noticed scheduled to begin on Wednesday at 3 p.m.

On the way up, every gas station we passed had a line. Even now, most that are open are still busier than usual. Gassing up has definitely been an exercise in patience for drivers looking to the top of their tank.

The story was no different at the grocery stores.

"I went to the store earlier to get some milk for my little sister, and there were people out the door waiting to get into the store. It was crazy," said Cody Ward, who was preparing for Hurricane Matthew.

Hannah Harris shared what she was trying to stock up on, saying this is the first time in her almost six years living in Beaufort that an evacuation was issued.

"Just basically snacks, water and everything. In there, it's completely sold out, so everybody's getting that together," said Harris.

While some I spoke to have a post evacuation destination planned out, some were still working on those details.

"My family, my dad's side is in Florida, and my mom's side is probably going to head to West Virginia. We're going to figure all that out by Thursday," said Ward.

"Go to Columbia. My brother is up there, so I think by then, by the time it gets there it'll be weakened," said Aleczander Fillinger.

Most I spoke to said they'll try to take as many valuable, irreplaceable items with them, board up the rest and hope for the best.

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