Reverend organizes sit-out of schools to protest "Vote Trump" shirt controversy in Vidalia

Reverend organizes sit-out of schools to protest "Vote Trump" shirt controversy in Vidalia

A Vidalia reverend is organizing a sit out from Vidalia City Schools after a group of 7th graders wore shirts reading “Vote Trump.” 

Bishop Vincent Drummer tells WTOC this situation is the latest issue to fuel racial discourse among the community. Many people voiced opposing views on the shirts on social media. The superintendent told WTOC politics has no place in public school but Drummer says it's much deeper than the shirts or the message.

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 “Those people knew the kind of response they were going to get and we understand at home is where this stuff comes from, and our children aren't comfortable even going to school in this kind of situation. So I am calling on all of them to stay home tomorrow,” said Bishop Drummer.

Drummer says close to 100 students did not attend school Tuesday and more did not attend Wednesday. The school district is not reporting abnormal absentee numbers.

He distributed this letter about his organization he said formed within 12 hours after the t-shirt controversy developed on Facebook: 

From the Desk of Bishop Vincent R. Drummer. 

To the Parents and Students of the Vidalia City Schools:

It is time that we do something about the racial inequality that goes on in our school system. The racial divide is clear. We saw it Friday when students which included some of the faculty's children that wore tee shirts that said "VoteTrump". This was on spirit day. That has nothing to do with spirit day. Also, it's time that we have representation in the administration of our schools. We don't have an African American Principal in the system. We had two African-American Assistant Principals who were passed over for principal position that was given to the friends of the good ole boy system that in one case did not have his contract renewed. 

We can make voices heard. This week the state will be here in our schools for an audit. Also this is the week for FTE Count. That count determines how much the school is paid from the government. They make a large share of their money from the black community. It's time for us to be heard. The only thing they will understand is hurting their bottom line of money. What I would like is as many of our African American Students and other races that agree with this opinion to participate in a SIT Out on the day of the FTE count. When they lose money, they will be ready to hear what we got to say. Please respond and let me know if you will support the sit out. Feel free to call me (912)245-8796. It's time to take a stand. 

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