Pump stations prevent major flooding in Savannah

Pump stations prevent major flooding in Savannah

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - If you live in the Midtown Savannah area, and your home didn't flood during Hurricane Matthew, thank the DeRenne Stormwater Pump Station.

The pump is one of seven stations throughout the city.

The crew from Stormwater Management worked around the clock during the storm, making sure the drainage systems were working properly across the city of Savannah.

During the storm, the seven pumps moved more than 3.4 billion gallons of storm water from flooding the city. At least a week's worth of water crammed in a 36-hour period.

The supervisor says he's proud of the crew's work over the weekend preventing major flooding in the city.

"If we would have lost the station if something would have happened and the station went totally offline, this station here would become a dam, and all the water would stop here, so everything north of us would flood," said Stormwater Supervisor Darryl Kershaw.

Kershaw has been working for the department for twelve years and says he has seen nothing like Hurricane Matthew.

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