Isle of Hope residents dealing with lack of power

Isle of Hope residents dealing with lack of power

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - For many across the Lowcountry and Coastal Empire, another night without power.

Georgia Power hopes to restore that power to the thousands without it by midnight Wednesday. For some, it could be longer.

There are generators at a few homes. For the most part, it's pitch black. As the sun sets over the Isle of Hope, it's another night in the dark for hundreds out here.

The Stovalls are one of the families figuring out what life off the grid is like.

"Oil lantern and we've been forced to talking and playing scrabble for the last few nights," said Bryan Stovall.

They loaded up on batteries, flashlights, and candles ahead of Hurricane Matthew's arrival. Luckily, that gas stove is cooking up a warm meal Monday night.

"That's the beauty of a gas stove. You just light it up and you can still cook without power," said Carol Ann Stovall.

Just up the road, the Lathams are dealing with the same problem.

"We're just sitting here. Not much we can do," said Bill Latham.

They have no TV, no lights and no air conditioning.

"I'd love to be sitting there watching TV. I'd like to be watching WTOC. You can't do that. You don't really know what's going on outside. And that's what's bad," said Latham.

The good news: There part of the lucky group with a generator giving them minimal power to get by.

"I've got the power cord coming in through the house. One lamp, I'm able to charge my cell phones. That's pretty much it," said Latham.

The fridge is also still running. Otherwise, there's not much going on.

"We'll just do what we have to do. It's where we all come together. Tomorrow we hope, we got our yard cleaned up, I had a free fall on my garage. I got it cleaned up. I'll try to get out tomorrow and see if we can't help some of the neighbors," said Latham.

Coming together, just one of the few ways to get through this time.

"Everybody's got to be patient. Step back, think about it, try to help your neighbors and let's all come together," said Latham.

"Improvising, planning, and fingers crossed that it's all a speedy recovery when it's all said and done," said Carol Ann Stovall.

And when it's all said and done is still the big question. Georgia Power says the islands, and particularly Isle of Hope, could be without power longer.

Crews have to rework some of the grids and many homes will require repairs. If these couples are a good representation, they're going to make it through just fine.

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